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 Window and Patio Door Security








                                          Patio Door Lock

A Sturdy, push button lock for sliding metal doors. Equipped with a red indicator that shows when the lock is not secured. The lock is released by key operation

                     Patio Door Lock

Attractive, push button design that offers 2000 key variations. Suitable for single or double metal sliding doors. The lock is released by the key operation.

                   Anti-Lift Device

This essential item offers added protection by preventing the patio door being lifted off its runners. It is easy to fit and fully adjustable to suit most operating heights.

This is the most popular in the Chubb range. Available in White, Brown or Brass finishes, it is a simple to fit, surface mounted lock, suitable for most wooden casement windows.

Tired of fiddling with small keys to lock and unlock your window security? This device has a simple pushbutton lock that only requires the key for unlocking.

For hinged metal windows. Turning the catch will engage the bolt on the fixed frame. A key is used to release the lock. Simple but effective!

Highly visible and strong, this is an easy to fit lock, suitable for most sash and sliding wooden windows.

For metal windows. This lock prevents the handle from being moved. It is particularly useful on old fashioned "Crittall" style windows, that have restricted frame width.

It is hoped that this section will have helped you establish the most appropriate security for your doors and windows. However, you must bear in mind that there are many brands and many types of door and window fixings available. You should shop around to find the best for your needs.

This section has featured just a few of the Chubb range of door and window security fixings. Although Chubb is renowned worldwide for the quality of their products, we cannot recommend one brand over another.

The content of these pages is taken, with their knowledge, from the booklet, "The Chubb Guide to Home Security".

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