What we do

Neighbourhood Watch is the coming together of residents and the police with support from various authorities such as the local council and Police Authority. Its strength comes from the community looking out for each other involving simple, neighbourly tasks:

  • Reporting suspicious activity to the police
  • Sharing information on recent local crimes with neighbours (increasing vigilance & crime prevention awareness)
  • Checking on vulnerable neighbours after an incident (creating a caring community)
  • Discussing ongoing concerns with neighbours

A working watch scheme creates a stronger community and has the potential to lower crime, or if you are already enjoying a low level of crime it can help to keep it that way.

The power of Neighbourhood Watch can also be used when a community wishes to tackle a specific problem. By calling a meeting and inviting the police a community can speak with one voice representing everyone in the street, estate or area. This coming together will help the police receive a clear understanding of the issue and will work with the community to resolve the problem and bring in other authorities to help if necessary.