Part Four - Internal Security

1. Target Removal: Hide or remove your valuables. It makes sense. As one burglar said, "If it ain't there, I can't nick it." If possible, remove silverware and jewellery to the bank. Alternatively, invest in a good quality floor safe.

Do you have a laptop? Take it with you!

2. Property Marking: If it is impossible or impractical to remove your valuables, then it is essential that you reduce the payoff to the burglar by marking all steal-able items. The mark should consist of your house number (or the first three letters of your house name) and your postcode.

There are four main methods of marking property:

Ultra-Violet marker pen: Use this if you are concerned that visible marking might look unsightly or devalue your item. When dry the ink is virtually invisible. DO NOT USE A UV PEN ON TV OR COMPUTER SCREENS.!!! When turned on...all you will see is your postcode.

Permanent Visible marker or paint pen: From a prevention aspect it is better to visibly mark your possessions so that the burglar can see that its been done. It makes life much harder for him if he tries to sell it on. Check out CREmark from

Special markers are available for fine china and porcelain. They leave an indelible metalised deposit on top of the glaze and therefore should not adversely affect the value. However, check first with your insurer...just to be sure.

Engraving/embossing/stamping: Use a hobby engraver or diamond tipped stylus to visibly mark items. Die Stamps are useul for leatherwork, such as saddles. Avoid stamping newer cycles as they are often made from light alloy metals and you might crack the frame

MicroDots/DNA: There are now some innovative products about ,such as Smart Water, SelectaDNA and Redweb. SelectaDNA for example, has 1000s of micro dots are suspended in a clear adhesive which has an ultra-violet tracer and a unique chemical DNA. Each dot bears a serial number which, like the DNA, is unique to that pot.. You can apply it virtually any product and to any surface. Use it on fine china, antiques, electrical goods, jewellery, vehicles and more. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Your security mark is a unique national reference. It provides the only guarantee that your property will be returned to you, should it be stolen and subsequently recovered.

Once everything is marked, you should take photographs of the most valuable items and keep a record of serial numbers.

In all cases, we suggest that you contact your insurance company to ensure that they are happy with the method/s of marking you intend to employ

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