The concept of Defensive Planting is simple, but highly effective.

A dozen varieties of very prickly plants are shown below. They have been chosen for their impenetrability and attractiveness.

Plant them under vulnerable windows and allow to grow to sill height. You can also plant them around your boundary. Intruders will be unable to pass through (or over) the plants without shredding themselves. (Very painful)

An attractive natural defence. - Simple - Inexpensive and very effective.... Scroll on....

Defensive Planting

Berberis Julianae

Prickly yellow, early flowering species. Evergreen with shiny dark leaves (4-6')

Mahonia Bealei - Winter Sun

Prickly evergreen with yellow fragrant flowers in winter (4-5')

Ulex Europaeus - Common Gorse.

A vicious spiny plant that provides excellent protection for boundaries. Flowers March-May



A climbing evergreen with yellow, red or orange berries. White flowers in May on thorny branches. Very useful on fences and walls. (10-15')

Hippanphae Rhamniodes - Sea Buckthorn.

 Grows in any soil and is wind resistant. Silver foliage and plentiful thorns. A large shrub that provides great cover. Plant in groups of three to obtain berries.

Berberis Ottawensis Superba

Use this as a hedge or individual shrub. Deciduous barbed plant with glorious purple foliage. Yellow flowers in spring. (5-6') Allow two plants per metre.

Berberis Stenophylla

Use as a hedge or shrub. A graceful evergreen with long, arching, prickly branches. Masses of yellow flowers in Spring. (4-6') allow two plants per metre.

Berberis Gagnepainii

A small, dense, prickly evergreen, suitable also as a low hedge. Impenetrable! Allow two plants per metre.

Crataegus Monogyna - Common Hawthorn.

 An impenetrable thorny hedge that attains the height of your choice. Fast growing, stunning plant, with beautiful fragrant flowers in May and June and red haws in the autumn. Plant in a staggered row, 4 to one metre.

Rosa Fruhlings Gold-Yellow

Fragrant old fashioned rose. Densely prickly for hedges or individual shrubs, up to 2-3m high.

Rosa Rugosa Rubra Crimson

Fragrant old fashioned rose. Densely prickly for hedges or individual shrubs, up to 2m high.

Rosa Blanc Double de Coubert

White fragrant old fashioned rose. Densely prickly for hedges or individual shrubs, up to 2m high.

Most good garden centres should be able to supply these plants. Check the growing seasons and ensure that they are lifted at the optimum time. Between October and April is usually the best time for planting, but seek the advice of your nurseryman.

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