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CRIME PREVENTION ADVICE (supplied by Essex Police)

Going away on holiday?

Make your home look like someone is living in it:

Ensure that windows, doors and gates are closed and locked correctly.

Use automatic timer-switches to turn your lights and radios on when it goes dark also consider “Fake TV”.

If you have an intruder alarm make sure that you set it before leaving and ensure that your neighbours know who the keyholders are.

Cancel any newspaper or milk deliveries.

Use the Royal Mail's 'keepsafe' service - they keep your mail for up to 2 months while you're away. Mail sitting on your doorstep is a sign that you are away

Trusted neighbours may be able to help you by collecting your post, opening and closing curtains and they could park their car on your driveway

Avoid discussing holiday plans on public social networking sites - burglars can use any information you post on there to their advantage - I would add to this watch what you are posting while you are away too or you may find you are giving useful information that the burglar or fraudster may use.

Most of this was taken from the Police UK website where you can find lots of useful advice and details of crimes in your area.


Domestic abuse related crime is 8% of total crime

Domestic abuse is a serious and high-volume crime but it remains largely hidden leaving the victims trapped, powerless and isolated.

One in four women have experienced domestic violence and one in six men. Victims are often too afraid to speak and, in many cases, neighbours, friends and even family will suspect that the offence is taking place but are reluctant to become involved.

Crimestoppers has teamed up with MAV (medicsagainstviolence.co.uk) to launch a new Domestic Abuse campaign – a poster that prompts people to report any concerns about someone’s safety.

If you have any concerns about reporting to the police, you can contact the independent crime-fighting charity Crimestoppers who offer a secure 24/7 service for third party information about domestic abuse or any other crime. All information given to Crimestoppers is anonymous through the 0800 555 111 phone number or online anonymously at crimestoppers-uk.org and is passed to the police. The only way anybody will know you contacted us is if you tell somebody.

Crimestoppers is not an emergency service, so it is important to contact the police immediately using 999 if there is an emergency occurring.