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FUEL THEFTS  With the price of fuel so high, this type of crime appears to be on the increase; not only from commercial premises but also from homes and private vehicles. By implementing some simple measures you can help to minimise the theft risk.

Heating Oil Security

     • Move it - If the tank is located away from the house, if possible move it closer where you can keep a better eye on it.   

    • Screen it - If the tank can be seen from the road, screen it with fencing or hedging.

    • Cage it - Consider building a metal cage around it with a secure entrance gate.

    • Alarm it - Consider installing an oil tank alarm.     

    • Hide pipe work - Reduce locations that it can be attacked and hide external pipe work.     

    • Cut the power supply - Ensure that any electrical control boxes or switches are in a secure environment (in your house if possible).

    • Block vehicle access - Keep vehicles as far away from your tank as possible, use locked gates, parking posts or hooped barriers. Install a driveway alert monitor.

    • Invest in good lighting - Fit movement activated lighting. Consider one that activates a buzzer in the house as it switches on. Adjust sensitivity to prevent false         alarms.

    • Check your home insurance - Ensure that your home insurance covers you for the loss/theft of your heating oil.

Vehicle Security

 On the Driveway

    • If possible, garage your car. Many people fill their garage with junk and leave their expensive car on the driveway.

    • Modern cars cannot be taken without the keys. Thieves will sometimes burgle houses to get them, so do not leave them lying around.

    • If you have a van, reverse it up to a wall to deter theft of its contents.

    • Always remove valuables and lock your car even if it's kept in the garage.

Away from Home

    • Lock your vehicle whenever you go to pay for fuel.

    • Do not leave valuable items in view (wallets, handbags, portable sat-navs etc).

    • In attended car parks, park near the attendant's kiosk if possible and do not leave the ticket in the car.

    • Park in well-lit areas


Advertising scams: If you run a local business, be alert for cold-calls asking you to advertise in crime prevention, community safety or emergency services magazines. These calls generally pop-up towards the end of the financial year. The caller will claim to be from the police or "working with the police" to produce their magazine, which is untrue.

In some cases there will be an end product, but the circulation will be small and limited to the north of England, from where these firms usually originate. Under no circumstances should you agree to see a proof of your ad, because they will take that as a confirmation of order and chase you unmercifully for payment, even if you didn't actually agree to an order.


SHED SECURITY : Keep your property in your possession, not the burglar's:

    • Site your shed as close to the house as possible.

    • To prevent snooping, white-out the windows or fit net curtains

    • If you have opening windows in your shed, then screw them shut.

    • Fit a "close-shackled" padlock and a heavy-duty hasp and staple. Do not use screws, but bolt in place. If you can, fit a 5-lever mortice lock certified to  BS3621         instead.

    • Drill out the hinge screws so that they cannot be easily removed.

    • If the door is suitable, fit hinge-bolts. they are inexpensive and easy to fit.

    • Secure tools, mowers, cycles etc with a steel security cable.

    • Visibly mark all removable items with your house number or name, and postcode.

    • Further information about locks, padlocks and other security measures, can be obtained from your local Crime Prevention Tactical Advisor, Stephen Armson-Smith        Telephone 101 extension 407110, Mobile 07525 409720.


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