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To bring you the best possible prices, our products are available for collection only - Orders are not sent by post.


   PAYPAL: You can use the Paypal Check-out to purchase your items. PLEASE NOTE : Orders may be collected from Mr Jackson or you must enter the name of one of the police stations shown below, from which to collect your order.

We will then Email you with the estimated delivery time - normally about 2-3 days.

Qualifying offices are: Saffron Walden - Great Dunmow

   CHEQUE: If you prefer, you can send your order requirements and a cheque made out to "Uttlesford Neighbourhood Watch Steering Group" to

Mr G. Jackson, 31 Alsa Leys, Elsenham, CM22 6JS.

Again, please state either Saffron Walden or Great Dunmow for collection.



Padlock Alarm

Helps to protect your oil tank, motorcycle, caravan, trailer, pedal cycle, garden store, back gate... Use this fantastic product anywhere you'd use a padlock.

Dual purpose: Can be used with or without the alarm function.

Features include:

PLUS an EXTRA set of 6 button batteries included, FREE!

Only £12.00 Available for collection from Saffron Walden - Great Dunmow police stations only.



Movement-Activated (PIR) Shed Alarm

Claimed to be the loudest and have the longest battery life of any similar product in the UK.

Includes a magnetic contact trigger with two metres of cable that doubles the protection that these alarms can give. Can also be used as a door chime alarm.

Features include:

Just £15.00 Available for collection from Saffron Walden - Great Dunmow police stations only.

Our Best Seller


Optional External Siren

For use with our shed alarm

Includes 10m cable

Features include a 130+ dBs siren

Just £7.00 Available for collection from Saffron Walden - Great Dunmow police stations only.


Save a further £2.00 and buy both the alarm and external siren together for just £20.00

Available for collection from Saffron Walden - Great Dunmow police stations only.


Door Handle Sneak-in Alarm

Detects potential intruders as soon as they touch the door handle.

Features include:

£6.00 Available for collection from Saffron Walden - Great Dunmow police stations only.

Very Popular Line


Purse Dipping Bells

The bells are attached with a G-Clip to bags or purses so the bells will jingle if a thief attempts to steal it. It also reminds the owner to keep wallets, mobile phones and keys securely out of sight.


PayPal: Buy Purse Dipping Bells


Purse/Bag Cable

Designed to prevent bag dipping by securing valuable items to bags or clothing. The gradual tensioning system helps to ensure that if in the event a thief does attempt to remove the purse, the victim is less likely to be pulled over as the cable will extend 10 times its original length.



Defender Window Shock Alarm

Uses a shock sensor to detect if an attempt to break a window glass panel is made.Can be set to high or low sensitivity.



PIR Sensor Alarm

The PIR Sensor Alarm is a low cost, battery operated alarm with 2 x remote controllers and a wall bracket. The alarm has a PIR sensor which can detect movement up to 8 meters away and once activated will sound a 105dBs siren. Quickly armed and disarmed using the handy key fob controllers. Can be used free standing or wall mounted. 4 x AA and 4 X AG13 batteries supplied.




A system which permanently marks property using a permanent marker pen that then gets permanently sealed with a coat of quick drying laquer. Each kit will mark 30 items of tools and 20-25 items I.T. Equipment. Other home and garden equipment can also be marked in black or silver.



Defender Property Marker Kit

Ideal to increase public awareness about keeping their possessions marked. This kit provides everything required to mark and log property which can be an invaluable record if the user’s home is burgled. Includes:



Fake TV

Ingenious device to deter burglars, presents a random display of LEDs to light up a room just like a real TV, giving the impression someone is home. Fake TV uses a built-in computer to control super-bright LEDs to produce lights of varying intensity and colour. Ideal for use as night light, using much less power than a normal lamp or TV.


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