Vehicle Security

Vehicle Security

On the Driveway

    • If possible, garage your car. Many people fill their garage with junk and leave their expensive car on the driveway.

    • Modern cars cannot be taken without the keys. Thieves will sometimes burgle houses to get them, so do not leave them lying around.

    • If you have a van, reverse it up to a wall to deter theft of its contents.

    • Always remove valuables and lock your car even if it’s kept in the garage.

  • Thefts from motor vehicles – remember a thief will not know what is in that bag on the back seat, he only finds it is your recently worn gym gear after he     has broken into the car and caused damage – leave no attractions visible within the car.
  • With expensive cars consider a tracking system that utilises RF, GSM and GPRS frequencies, consider “Geo-fencing” when not in use.

Away from Home

    • Lock your vehicle whenever you go to pay for fuel.

    • Do not leave valuable items in view (wallets, handbags, portable sat-navs etc).

    • In attended car parks, park near the attendant’s kiosk if possible and do not leave the ticket in the car.

    • Park in well-lit areas


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