Fuel Thefts

Fuel Thefts

With the price of fuel so high, this type of crime appears to be on the increase; not only from commercial premises but also from homes and private vehicles. By implementing some simple measures you can help to minimise the theft risk.

Heating Oil Security

     • Move it – If the tank is located away from the house, if possible move it closer where you can keep a better eye on it.   

    • Screen it – If the tank can be seen from the road, screen it with fencing or hedging.

    • Cage it – Consider building a metal cage around it with a secure entrance gate.

    • Alarm it – Consider installing an oil tank alarm.     

    • Hide pipe work – Reduce locations that it can be attacked and hide external pipe work.     

    • Cut the power supply – Ensure that any electrical control boxes or switches are in a secure environment (in your house if possible).

    • Block vehicle access – Keep vehicles as far away from your tank as possible, use locked gates, parking posts or hooped barriers. Install a driveway alert monitor.

    • Invest in good lighting – Fit movement activated lighting. Consider one that activates a buzzer in the house as it switches on. Adjust sensitivity to prevent false         alarms.

    • Check your home insurance – Ensure that your home insurance covers you for the loss/theft of your heating oil.


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